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プラヴァッツ PZ Dingac Plavac 2019

プラヴァッツ PZ Dingac Plavac 2019

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Recommended red wine made from 100% Croatian indigenous variety "Plavac Mali".
Plavac Mali is Zinfandel (Primitivo Primitivo), a well-known California wine.
It is a cross between Dobricic and Dobricic, a local grape from Croatia.
(Origin: ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science))

The cute donkey picture on the label is because the vineyard is on a steep slope and carts cannot enter.
It is said that it was drawn because grapes were carried on donkeys.

Product Details
Wine name (original language) Plavac
color red wine
Taste/alcohol content Nakajuguchi/13 degrees
grape variety Pravac Mari
Producer PZ DINGAC
production area Peri shirt/Croatia
Year of production 2018
Internal capacity 750ml
Importer M&P Corporation
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