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マスヴァン ツルリェナク Masvin Crljenak 2016

マスヴァン ツルリェナク Masvin Crljenak 2016

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Tullenac from the famous winery "MASVIN" as a historic winery since the times of ancient Rome and Greece.
Trljenak is also the parent grape of Plavacmari, Croatia's representative indigenous grape.

Aromas of raspberries and forest fruits, moderate tannins, leather and pepper, plums,
It is reminiscent of a land bathed in sunlight.
A warm, dry yet well-rounded wine.

Product Details
Wine name (original language) Crljenak
color red wine
Taste/alcohol content Full body/16 degrees
grape variety Crljenak (indigenous variety) *Original variety of Zinfandel/Crljenak
Producer Masvin
production area Southern Dalmatia/Croatia
production year 2016
Internal capacity 750ml
Importer M&P Corporation
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