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ゴスポヤ ジラフティナ Gospoja Zlahtina 2018

ゴスポヤ ジラフティナ Gospoja Zlahtina 2018

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This refreshing, easy-drinking white wine with a hint of salt goes well with seafood in general, including crabs, shellfish, and fish.
It also goes well with pasta and cheese.

It is characterized by a pale greenish yellow color and beautiful foaming.
You can feel the refreshing aroma of flowers.

Be sure to try this recommended bottle from Croatian Winery, a family-run winery that has continued to make wine in a long tradition for generations!

Product Details
Wine name (original language) Gospoja Zlahtina (formerly Toljanic)
color White wine
Taste/alcohol content Dry/11.5 degrees
grape varieties Gelafutina (Croatian indigenous variety)
Production area Toljanic/Croatia
production year 2018
Internal capacity 750ml
Importer M&P Corporation
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