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Boukha Oasis 100ml

Boukha Oasis 100ml

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A world-famous distilled spirit made from natural figs produced exclusively in Tunisia.
Enjoy on the rocks or in cocktails.

In Tunisia, coke-wari is very popular!

*The 100ml bottle does not come with a cosmetic case.

*Since this is a drinkable bottle, once the lid is removed, it cannot be closed again.
*In rare cases, the contents may leak if you lay it down.

Product Details
Name (original) Boukha Oasis -Eau de vie de Figue-
Liquor classification fruit brandy
Alcohol degree 36%
raw materials 100% dried figs
Producer Grande Distillery de la Soukha
(Grand Distillery de la Sclat)
Production area tunisia
Internal capacity 100ml
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.
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