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AICHA purple olive (for tagine) 710gViolet Olive

AICHA purple olive (for tagine) 710gViolet Olive

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Uses Verdi seeds with fruity and firm flesh.
It is a beautiful purple olive fruit between green and black.

Roughly chopped salted lemon is included.

The freshness of the lemon and the moderate saltiness, the plump texture of the purple olives... it's also very delicious as it is as an accompaniment to wine or as a snack.

You can make so-called tagine dishes such as "Moroccan-style chicken stew" in which olives and salted lemon are simmered with chicken (you can also make it delicious in a normal pot!) very easily.

Product Details
name purple olives for tagine cooking
raw materials olives, salt, lemon
Total Contents/Solids 710g / 400g
expiration date December 6, 2026
Producer/Country of Origin Name AICHA / Morocco
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.
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