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Repidor Ball Pasta Mhammas1 500G

Repidor Ball Pasta Mhammas1 500G

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Unusual round grain pasta.
When cooked, it becomes slightly flattened.

In Tunisia, it is put in soup, so it is classified as "pasta for soup".

Just put the ball pasta roughly in the pot with the soup!

It can also be used for the traditional pasta "Fregula" from the region of Sardinia, Italy.

Even if you boil it quickly with clams and seafood in the fregula style, it is delicious because the umami permeates.

Combine with dressing and finely chopped vegetables and enjoy with salads and meat dishes.

The unique texture that you can't taste with other short pasta is addictive! !

Product Details
name ball pasta
raw materials durum wheat
Contents/boiling time 500g/11 minutes
expiration date December 16, 2024
Country of Origin Tunisia
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.
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