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Oil Sardine harissa 125g

Oil Sardine harissa 125g

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Filled with large sardines.
The popular Tunisian all-purpose seasoning harisa (spicy seasoning) is added for just the right amount of spiciness!
It can be simply used as a single dish, or added to pasta or stir-fried dishes for a rich flavor.
When you want to arrange a little, how about this idea? ↓
Just open the can, add melted cheese, and bake in a toaster or fish grill for 30 seconds!
You can make a dish in no time, and you won't get your plate dirty.

*Please adjust the baking time according to the strength of the fire.
*In addition to cheese, add sliced ​​tomatoes or chopped parsley for a nice color.

Product Details
name Oil sardines (can)
raw materials Sardines, sunflower oil, red pepper, salt, garlic, coriander, caraway
total capacity 125g
expiration date June 29, 2025
Producer/Country of Origin Name El Mamar/ Tunisia
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.
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