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Canned tuna in olive oil 700g

Canned tuna in olive oil 700g

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The large blocks are soaked in Tunisian specialty fragrant virgin olive oil, so there is no fishy smell.

You can use it as it is or in various dishes such as salads, appetizers, and pasta.

It comes with a plastic lid, so even if you can't use it all at once, you can close the lid and put it in the refrigerator.
It is very convenient for those who want to use it little by little.

Note: *Olive oil will harden white when placed in the refrigerator.
Due to the natural properties of olive oil,
There is no problem with quality at all. Keep at room temperature
It will go back to liquid.

*If you put tuna in a hot pot or frying pan,
Risk of burns due to splashing water and oil
So please be careful.
You can cook deliciously by putting the tuna together with the olive oil in a frying pan while the temperature is low.

Product Details
name Tuna fillet in olive oil (light meat) in a bottle
raw materials Bonito, virgin olive oil, salt, bay leaf
Internal capacity 700g
expiration date June 29, 2027
Producer/Country of Origin Name El Mamar/ Tunisia
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.
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