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Messelmani North African mixed spice 50g

Messelmani North African mixed spice 50g

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"Ras el Hanout" in French
Middle Eastern-North African cuisine called "Lazeranou"
A must-have mixed spice.

The name is derived from the Arabic word meaning "head of the shop".
That's why it's popular with people in the Arab world,
And it's an important spice that is also a signboard product of the shop.

The combination and composition of spices are different for each country, each shop, and each home.
It's different, it's exactly the same.

A versatile spice that can be used for just about anything.
Tunisian recipe...
- For seasoning brick ingredients (potatoes, tuna, etc.)
- as a sauce for couscous
-For sautéing, grilling, and stewing meat and seafood
- For seasoning Moroccan tagines
- sautéed carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, etc.

Product Details
name 50g North African spices
raw materials Coriander (Moroccan), Caraway, Chili Garlic, Cinnamon, Cloves
Internal capacity 50g
expiration date March 15, 2024
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