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Messelmani couscous sauce fish 250g

Messelmani couscous sauce fish 250g

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An authentic couscous sauce packed with North African spices and the umami of large fish.

How to use Messelmani Couscous Sauce Ingredients (1-2 servings): 1 bag of this product, 100g of couscous, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 100ml of hot water, a pinch of salt

Transfer the couscous to a deep plate, add olive oil and salt, add the same amount of hot water as the couscous, cover and let it steam for about 5 minutes until the water evaporates.
Gently loosen the steamed couscous.
Please enjoy this product warmed over couscous.

<When warming with hot water>
Without breaking the seal of the middle bag, put the bag in boiling water and heat for about 5 minutes.
<For microwave>
Transfer this product to a plate, cover with plastic wrap and heat.
Approximately 2 minutes for 500W / Approximately 1.5 minutes for 600W

Background of the birth of “Messelmani Couscous Sauce” Our representative from Tunisia, Messelmani, made it with the desire to enjoy authentic couscous dishes not only at restaurants but also at home with family and friends.

Features of MESSELMANI couscous sauce *
* A couscous sauce with a well-balanced depth of spiciness and umami, made with fragrant North African spices and carefully selected ingredients!
*We use halal meat that has been kept fresh by removing the blood from the meat to prevent the growth of bacteria. Low-fat, high-protein, isoflavone-rich chickpeas also have the effect of regulating the inside of the body!
* 1 pack contains 250g. Even if you eat a lot by yourself, you can arrange the capacity even if you share it with two people.
*Convenient retort pouch ready to eat

Product Details
name couscous sauce
raw materials Vegetables (potato (domestic), onion, carrot), yellowtail, edible olive oil, tomato paste, chickpeas, mixed seasoning (spice, salt, red pepper, garlic), spice, salt/seasoning (amino acid), acidulant
Internal capacity 250g
expiration date April 12, 2024
Country of Origin Japan
Seller M&P Co., Ltd.

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