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Messelmani extra virgin olive oil 500ml

Messelmani extra virgin olive oil 500ml

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The fruity scent of olives soaked in the Mediterranean sun has a mild flavor with little bitterness and spiciness.
Enjoy the original flavor of olives with bread,
Olive oil goes well with dishes such as salads and seafood.

Why is it made in Turkey? <br>Olives are said to have originated in the Mediterranean region, and Turkey has the oldest history of cultivating olives among the Mediterranean countries.
Its favorable climate for cultivation produces excellent olives.
Many European olive oils, such as those produced in Italy and Spain, are actually breeds of olives produced in Turkey.

Product Details
name messermani extra virgin olive oil
Producer name Artem Oliva
acidity 0.62% (analyzed at the time of manufacture and on-site)
variety gemric species
Oil extraction method cold press
Internal capacity 500ml
expiration date March 6, 2024
Country of Origin Türkiye
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.

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