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Arak drinking size Arak 40ml

Arak drinking size Arak 40ml

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Small and cute, drinkable type ♪

Arak liquor made by distilling grapes and flavoring with aniseed.
In Lebanon, it is drunk more often than wine and is deeply connected to the diet.
After letting the white grape juice sit for about a week, it is distilled and aniseed, then distilled again and again.
When the alcohol content reaches about 30%, it is put in a pot and left to rest for 1-2 years before being drunk.

It has a deep connection with Japan, and Japanese shochu, which used to be called "arakizake," is said to have its roots in Lebanese arrack, which was brought to Japan via Nagasaki during the Edo period.
It is also called "lion's milk" because it becomes cloudy when mixed with water, just like Greek "ouzo" and "Turkish raku" and French "Ricard" and "Pernod".

*When drinking, first pour Arak sake into a glass.

Pour 1/3 and pour water at a rate of 1/3.
Then the arrack becomes cloudy.
The authentic Lebanese way of drinking is to add ice at the end and make sure that the cloudy arrack reaches the edge of the glass before drinking.
In Lebanon, it is common to drink arrack liquor little by little while eating, rather than drinking it all at once.

Clos Saint Toma, the manufacturer, is currently a talented winery that produces many international competition winning wines, but it originally started with the production of arrack liquor, and in Lebanon, arrack liquor is said to be Tuma (Toma). Famous.

Be sure to pay attention to the mosque-shaped bottle and the elaborate label design!

Product Details
Name (original) Arak Touma
Liquor classification brandy
Alcohol degree 50%
raw materials grapes, aniseed
Producer Clos St.Thomas
Production area Lebanon
Internal capacity 40ml
Importer M&P Co., Ltd.

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